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Hi there! We are a team of enthusiasts who really love watching marine life. From diving somewhere in the ocean to sitting on the couch and talking to our favorite fish in our huge aquariums, we dedicate our lives to the marine world.

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For dozens of years, we’ve gathered a lot of precious experience and now we want to share it with you. We are pretty sure you’ve found one of our articles online because someone had shared it on social media or on their blogs.

When we were reading the articles for starter aquarists, we felt it was unfair that people didn’t even try to share any good information with their readers. So we started gathering more details on how to care about your aquarium, about all the creatures in it. And now we have a lot to share with you, so you better subscribe to our new blog posts. We are pretty sure that even really experienced aquarium owners will find some good tips they will be able to use.

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