Electric Blue Guppy – Main Info, Behavior, And Some Problems

Guppies are thought to be one of the most beautiful fish species for your aquarium. These fish are really colorful and they may have different colors and shades. Electric Blue Guppy is one of the species you need to know about. This fish type has the bright blue color of fins and body making it one of the brightest inhabitants in your fish tank.

Electric blue guppies are really popular among fish enthusiasts. So today we’ve decided to tell you more about them. These fish require great maintenance and understanding of what you are doing. Otherwise, you may easily kill your beautiful fish. This is not the type of guppy that can easily live in bad conditions.

We’ll be speaking about the following:

  1. General information on electric blue guppy including their natural habitats.
  2. Behavior and personality of the fish.
  3. Problems you may face when you have electric blue guppies in your aquarium.
  4. Food preferences of guppies you need to know about.

Let’s get started!

Main features of electric blue guppies

Most electric blue guppies need the same care as other guppies. They originated in South America and then were spread all over the world. These fish live in freshwater in the wild and they can live also in aquariums. Many fish enthusiasts all around the world buy electric blue guppies and are happy to breed them or to just have them among other fish species in their aquariums.

Here are some facts about electric blue guppies:

  • their color is unique, there’s no other fish in the world that could have the same colors like electric blue guppy;
  • this fish is quite sensitive to all water standards in your aquarium, guppies are tender creatures and they may be easily killed by the wrong pH level or other factors;
  • the lifespan of guppies is estimated as 2 years, but aquarists say they can live much longer when kept in aquariums;
  • these fish are omnivores – they can basically eat anything you give to them, but be careful and watch if they like their diet and feel good;
  • electric blue guppies can have a lot of shapes of tail fins, so two fish can look absolutely different;
  • this is a very beautiful type of fish – its scales are also blue and grey-blue.

If you compare electric blue guppies with any other types of fish in your aquarium, you will see that these fish are the most beautiful among all other small species. Yes, it’s hard to compare its beauty to the beauty of bigger fish, but still. Electric blue guppies have a big chance of becoming your favorite fish in the tank.

Also, these fish are very popular among aquarists, so we know everything we need to know to keep them safe and ensure they live a long and bright life.

Electric blue guppies’ behavior – what to expect?

These fish are very friendly to all other kinds of fish. But of course, they don’t like being around big predator fish like blue acara. Also, this species of guppies is known to be the favorite food for a kingfisher – a bird that catches fish. Electric blue guppies are pretty calm fish, they never hurry up and are always swimming around your aquarium with grace. This means that you will be able to watch them at all times with pleasure.

Electric blue guppies are one of approximately 300 species of guppies, and they don’t differ much from other species in terms of behavior. Here are the main things you should know:

  1. Guppies enjoy swimming in groups. These fish are very social and you can actually have a lot of them even if your aquarium is not that big.
  2. They are tiny and peaceful. This fish is not dangerous for any other fish and habitats of your aquarium.
  3. These fish are really active swimmers – they will swim around the tank most of the time and you will be able to watch them.
  4. Male electric blue guppies love showing off when they are around any female guppies. This really looks weird and funny.
  5. Guppies are explorers. They will love living in a very big tank and exploring it every single day by swimming slowly and chasing each other.
  6. If the tank is really small, these fish can start bullying each other or other small fish in the tank, fighting for food.
  7. When they feel danger, electric blue guppies will want to hide under plants or in any other hides you have in your aquarium.
  8. Also, these fish will spend most of their time near the surface, so they can live together in one tank with all species that will rather swim in the center or near the bottom of your aquarium.

The behavior of your electric blue guppies depends much on the conditions they have for living. If the tank is small, they may even become aggressive to each other. So you should always keep an eye on the size of the tank, the water condition, the amount of food your give to your guppies, and the cleanliness of the water. Once the parameters are not optimal for your fish, you will start getting problems with their behavior.

What do they love eating?

Electric blue guppies are omnivores which means that can basically at anything. But, as any living creatures, they also have their preferences. The main diet of your guppies may consist of algae and water insect larvae. But if you want your guppies to live longer and be more active, we have some recommendations for building their optimal diet.

Here’s what you should include:

  • special flakes with a combination of nutrients designed for tropical fish;
  • freeze-dried foods like bloodworms or brine shrimps are also good for your guppies;
  • veggies like cucumbers and lettuce – give in small amounts just for additional elements in their diet;
  • some other ready-to-give foods are designed especially for guppies.

As you see, your guppies will not starve. They can eat anything. It may be quite hard to decide what to give to your guppies if you have a lot of other fish in the tank. Other fish can start bullying your small guppies and getting their food. You may even decide to have a special guppy tank in the future.

Feeding your guppies some inappropriate food is a very bad idea, some of them may even die immediately. For example, pellet food is a bad idea because pellets are too large for your small guppies to consume.

How much are electric blue guppies?

The average retail price of guppies that are old enough to join your tank is around $5 in the US. In South America and in India these fish cost much less. But transporting them to the US is a very tricky task that requires a lot of investment. Guppies get stressed when transported for long distances and they may even get ill and die on the way to pet shops. So you shouldn’t try to order guppies from India. Please rely on the pet shops around you to avoid any problems with your small fish.

Final words

As you see, electric blue guppies are a pretty good choice for your aquarium. They are really cool in terms of color and they are joyful and positive fish in your tank. Pay attention to the food you give to them because their color depends much on what they eat. Better buy some special flakes prepared for guppies. This will make them healthier and happier.

In terms of their behavior, guppies are not very friendly with other fish in those cases only when you have a really small aquarium. If your tank is big enough, guppies will be very peaceful and joyful. They will spend most of their time investigating and exploring the tank.