Accidentally Swallowed Fish Tank Water. What To Do And Should You Worry?

Accidentally Swallowed Fish Tank Water. What To Do And Should You Worry?

Have you been siphoning your fish tank with your mouth? Swallowed fish tank water? You must be feeling disgusted at the moment. That is the least we could say to vocalize your emotions, especially when you wouldn’t even feel like talking. Is that true?

On a serious note, should you be worried after swallowing the dirty fish tank water? Or is it okay if you accidentally take in a sip or two? Are there any medications you should start, or visiting the doctor is the right step to take? We cover all these issues in this article, so stay tuned and read this article thoroughly. It covers:

  1. What do you feel after accidentally swallowing fish tank water?
  2. Severe Symptoms you might face.
  3. Treatment of the symptoms.
  4. Things to do after accidental consumption of aquarium water.

What exactly are you feeling?

Taking in the fish tank water inside you is definitely not a treat. It has a bad taste and a foul smell. Besides, the idea of sipping the water with your fish wastes and other chemicals is disgusting and is probably the main reason you feel disgusted.

Well, this was about the feelings and the emotional side mostly. But what about your physical health? How are you feeling? In most cases, the intake of the fish tank water isn’t more than a mouthful. So, it does not create any specific problems that your immune system cannot handle. But still, you should specifically look for any weird symptoms you might face after taking in this dirty water.

What serious symptoms can you expect?

When we ask you to look out for the weird symptoms, it actually doesn’t mean anything scary. But if you have consumed the water in a significant quantity or your immune system is not strong enough, then it is highly likely that you can face a few symptoms or mild ailments.

These symptoms include a rise in body temperature, sore throat, and flu. A few individuals might vomit or suffer from diarrhea. If you are going through any of these problems, you are fine. The only thing you need to do is treat the symptom that you are facing, and that is it. Of course, we highly recommend you seeing a doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

One thing you shouldn’t do here is go around the internet to find the diseases associated with fish and your aquarium. The diseases that a fish can acquire or which the tank environment is capable of causing are nothing even close to what humans should expect as a result of taking in the same environment.

The immune systems of humans are highly developed and are capable of handling germs, parasites, and any other thing you could be scared of, including the fish tank water. So, there is not much you should worry about swallowing a little amount this dirty water.

How long can it take to treat the symptoms?

The treatment of the symptoms of the ailments associated with the swallowing of the tank water usually isn’t long. For some, it might last a few hours, while for others, it can take up to 2 days to get back to the routine. But it will not take more than that. 

What impact can you expect on your immune system?

In case you haven’t felt any of these systems, you should know that you have a strong immune system that has already managed the intake of any additional substance on its own without causing any visible symptoms or troubles for you.

But even if you have faced any symptoms like fever or flu, your immune system has managed to cope with it successfully. And amazingly, your immune system will improve too. So, the next time you’ll face any problems like this or even face general seasonal changes, your immune system will cater to it better.

What if you are allergic?

What if you are allergic?

Well, if you are allergic to corals, specific fish, or any other elements of your fish tank, then you might be thinking that all these tips won’t help. Well, this could be true as the situation does not remain normal. Visit your doctor now and ask if you should have some medication to avoid any harmful impact.

But still, it wouldn’t pose any emergency. And even if you cannot visit a doctor, it is fine, but you might feel a few symptoms. They’ll probably go away on their own.

What should you do?

Although we believe that it is not much you can do if you have accidentally taken in the water. You’ll have to let your body take it in and settle with the new bacteria and parasites you have taken in your body.

Now, if you still want to know about the things you can do if you accidentally take in the fish tank water, then here is the list.


Well, this isn’t something to laugh at. If you have just taken in the fish tank water, taking it out immediately is a wise thing to do. You can do it by gagging voluntarily if the disgust associated with the act has not already made you do it.

By following this technique, you’ll take the parasitic water out, so the chances of the germs affecting the digestive system or immune system will be pretty low.

Rinse your mouth

Even if you don’t vomit, one of the sane things to do in such a situation is rinse your mouth thoroughly. Brush your teeth and even use mouthwash to make yourself feel better. Besides, brushing and mouth washing can reduce the germ count that might have gotten into your mouth. So, you’ll feel a lot better after performing these things.

Buy a siphon squeeze ball

The next thing you should do is buy a siphon squeeze ball, so there is no chance of taking your mouth and close to the fish water. Squeezing the ball will be hygienic to use and reduce any such risks to the minimum degree.

Spending a few dollars on the new equipment is a lot better than going through the awful feeling, even if it is once in a lifetime (the ones who have gone through it will completely endorse this point).

Visit a doctor

Suppose you are still not satisfied after going through all these points. Your doctor will examine you thoroughly or provide you with a better justification. You can visit your doctor and share your problem. However, we will recommend you wait for a few hours, and if any of the systems show up, your doctor can guide you easily.

Summing up

If you accidentally consumed the fish tank water, you don’t have to worry much about it. Mostly, you will not even feel any symptoms of taking in this water. But even if you do, the symptoms will be mild and just similar to the fever and flu. A few people might even develop diarrhea and other minor stomach-related issues. But in any case, you don’t have to do anything extra to feel better.