Aquarium On Carpet – Safe? What Precautions Should You Take?

Aquarium On Carpet – Safe?

Do you want to move your aquarium on a carpet? There can be two situations that we can think of when considering an aquarium on the carpet. It can either be the direct placement of your aquarium over the stand placed or carpet or the aquarium placement directly on the carpet.

Well, the answer to both the answers can be different. As you are confused about your placement, we will not get into any of the confusion. Instead, we’ll address this question from both perspectives in this article, so there will be no doubts in your mind. So, today we’ll be discussing the following:

  1. Aquarium on the carpet floor
  2. Precautions to take when keeping your aquarium on the carpet floor
  • Choose a leveled surface
  • Cater to tank management issues
  • Water spillage
  • Crushed carpet
  1. Aquarium on carpet floor with a stand
  2. Precautions to take when keeping your aquarium on the stand on the carpet
  • Put a sheet of Styrofoam underneath
  • Keep it a few inches aside from the carpet walls
  • Do not move the aquarium when filled

Aquarium on the carpet floor

Let’s discuss the situation where you have or want to have your aquarium on the carpet floor. Although this isn’t recommended to place your aquarium like this, you can do so if there are no other alternatives available.

However, placing your aquarium on the carpet floor comes with many risks, and you must be willing to compensate for them if you want your fish to be safe and healthy.

Precautions to take when keeping your aquarium on the carpet floor

Here are a few things you must be very careful about. We will also mention a few tips that can be helpful when considering the placement of aquarium on the carpet floor.

Choose a leveled surface

Firstly, you’ll have to make sure that the area where you are placing your aquarium tank is fully leveled. If you plan to place it attached to the wall, your tank will not be balanced correctly. This is why it is necessary to keep it a few inches off the wall where the carpet holder will not disturb your tank.

You can check the leveling of your tank by filling it with a bit of water. If the tank is highly unlevelled, you’ll see it from the water levels. You can even check the minute leveling issues. All you have to do is measure the water level after filling the tank with a few inches of water (never fill the tank fully when you are not sure about the right place to fit your aquarium). Take a measuring tape and determine the water level on each side of the tank. If there is some difference, you’ll indeed find it with this method and must move your tank a few inches forward or may change the place.

Cater to tank management issues

Secondly, the other problem you might face is managing the tank’s cleanliness. Usually, the aquarium is above the floor level so that you can keep a bucket or other stuff underneath for proper management. But while your tank is on the floor, it wouldn’t be possible. So, you’ll have to go the extra mile for cleaning and other tasks while working on your aquarium.

Even playing with your fish will not be as awesome as before if you are used to a tank on the stand. So, you will have to compromise on it until you learn to play with the fish on the floor (though it is not that bad).

Water Spillage

Similarly, the third problem you will face is water spillage. When you have your tank on the carpet, there is a significant chance of water spillage during water changes, maintenance, or even feeding your fish. We aren’t talking about lots of water here, but even minor spills can create problems for your carpet.  

The saline water may damage your carpet, and you will not like it. Besides, the chances of mold growth are significant when considering the continuous water spills. Furthermore, in case of cracks in the water tank due to any reason, you can expect disaster for your carpet. So, you should be careful about all these aspects before you place your aquarium directly on the carpet floor.

You can place water towels or mats in front of your tank on the carpet while being extra careful about the spillage itself, and you will probably manage the problem with odors, mold growth, and thick saline carpet.

Crushed carpet

Your carpet will have a crushed outlook if you ever decide to move the aquarium from one place to another or over a stand later on. So, be ready to destroy a bit of your carpet’s portion for the sake of your love for fish.

Apart from crushed outlook, your carpet will not have the same color once you move your tank. So you will always remember that you placed your tank on the floor till the time you will change your carpet. So, be ready for it mentally and financially.

Aquarium on carpet floor with a stand

Aquarium on carpet floor with a stand

If you want to place your aquarium on the carpet floor on a stand, this isn’t as problematic as the direct placement of the aquarium on the floor. You can consider it just like any other surface on which you place your aquarium tank because it will provide you with a steady base in the form of a stand, so technically, it must not create any problems.

But it doesn’t mean you can leave all the precautionary measures related to the aquarium’s stability. There are many specific things that you must account for while finalizing the overall outlook of your tank.

Another important thing is the tank’s weight. If you want to keep it on the top floors, it is one of the crucial factors that you must not ignore whether you are putting your tank directly on the carpet floor or over a stand.

You must weigh all the aspects to make sure that your floor will sustain the excessively heavy load for an extended period, probably decades. There can be much technical information involved when determining the floor’s holding capacity. But we’ll leave it to some other time and stick to the current topic. However, it was necessary to mention it here so you can do your homework before getting your tank.

Precautions to take when keeping your aquarium on the stand on the carpet

Precautions to take when keeping your aquarium on the stand on the carpet

Although the aquarium on the carpet is a safe option, you still might want to adopt a few precautions to ensure there are no problems with your aquarium in any way.

Put a sheet of Styrofoam underneath

One of the primary things to do is put a sheet of Styrofoam underneath the tank’s base. The reason for placing this sheet is to even the surface underneath your tank.

In the long run, even the slightest unevenness on the surface can risk cracking from the middle. And you will not like that for sure. So, it is better to create a secure environment for your fish.

Keep it a few inches aside from the walls

Another essential thing to note when placing your aquarium over the carpet is looking for the carpet holder available at the sides of the walls. It can usually take up to a few inches of space, so be vigilant to leave it before it hurts your aquarium.

Do not move the aquarium when filled

One of the other precautions to follow to keep your aquarium safe is that you should not move the aquarium on the carpet when filled. You will face a lot of resistance during the process, so there are higher chances of knocking off the aquarium from the stand. So, you must not take this risk.

Even if you have done it a few times, we will not recommend you to do it again, as it is not worth the risk.

Summing up

Placing your aquarium directly on the carpeted floor is not something we will recommend you to do; however, if you have no option left other than to place your tank on the carpet floor, it can be used as a last resort. But the placement of your tank over the stand, while your stand is on the carpet, isn’t much risk. You should still adopt all the precautionary measures no matter which option you are using as the life of your fish and the safety of your tank are the most important factors.