ADA Power Sand Alternatives. Cheaper Or Even DIY Ways To Have Power Sand

ADA Power Sand Alternatives

Do you want your plants to grow healthy in the aquarium? Obviously, they are part of your contained ecosystem, right? But do your plants need something extra to grow and prosper? Is it the Power Sand?

If all these questions are taking up your mind, we are glad to share that we’ll address them in this article. We will even discuss the DIY techniques to have your Power Sand other than the famous ADA. Let us have a look at the ways you can use to create a robust environment with the wondrous Power Sand or its alternatives.

  1. What is Power Sand?
  2. How to use ADA Power Sand?
  3. Why do you need Power Sand?
  4. Why should you look for the ADA Power Sand alternatives?
  5. ADA Power Sand substitutes
  6. Cheap DIY Substitute

What is power Sand?

You might have your nicknames for it, or you might be new to all this aquarium stuff, so let’s start with what power sand is.

Power sand is the particular layer that is added even below the aqua soil layer of your aquarium. It is acquired from volcanic stones in most cases, making it rich in nutritional value. It contains different nutrients that can offer the best results when combined with your substrate.

You might be thinking that if there are more layers apart from the power sand in your aquarium, then you might miss it and save a bit of your space. We will not recommend it unless you plan to include an alternative to Power Sand in your tank because the power is responsible for multiple benefits. Your tank will miss them if you opt to skip this fantastic sand.

How to use ADA Power Sand?

Using ADA Power Sand is simple. You will find the exact process of using the ADA Power Sand written on the bag.

First, you need to add a layer of additives to the bottom of the aquarium.

Over it, lay the Power Sand uniformly. Use a spatula or other similar tool to evenly distribute the Power Sand all over the tank forming a thin layer. Creating a uniform layer will allow you to get the most benefit out of this Power Sand. So, do not miss the even spreading.

Why do you need ADA power sand?

ADA Power Sand is essential for the aquarium because it provides the right environment for bacteria to grow. We all know that the growth of bacteria is essential for the maintenance of the entire food chain of your aquarium. The bacteria decompose the excess ammonia and provide a safe environment for your fish and other activities for the sustenance of a healthy ecosystem.

Besides, ADA Power Sand also ensures nutrients for the root development of your aquatic plants. Science tells us that Power Sand has the slow release of organic nutrients. Bacteria break these nutrients into simpler components, thus resulting in plants and other animals’ absorption of these nutrients. Like the slow-release, fast-release nutrients are part of this special power sand. You can consider them ready to use minerals that plants and aquatic animals can grab readily. As ADA Power Sand provides you with all these benefits, so, you cannot deprive your plants of this sand altogether.

Another benefit you can get from ADA Power Sand is that it allows water circulation through the substrate, making it easier for the nutrients to flow towards the aquatic plants and the animal species living in the tank.

However, buying the ADA Power sand is expensive. You might not have enough finances to support this aspect of bringing life to the aquarium. Or you may just not want to spend that much money on a kind of sand. If this is true, one of the best options you can have is looking for alternatives to ADA Power sand.

While looking for substitutes, you’ll have to ensure that the nutritional value that the ADA power sand offers must be available somehow.

If you are dealing with the aquarium as a newbie, you must be confused about the right way of using ADA Power Sand. If that is so, then here is the complete procedure you can get help from.

Why should you look for the ADA Power Sand alternatives?

look for the ADA Power Sand alternatives

There are different reasons because of which users can be looking for the ADA Power Sand alternatives; amongst them the most important one is the high cost. Because of the high use of the Power Sand and its high cost, many users might not find it feasible to use the branded product in their aquatic tanks.

Besides, the lifespan of the Power Sand is quite short. You’ll have to change it in a few months; at most, it works for six months. So, we are talking about 2-3 purchases of the Power Sand bags every year, and the weight of the needed bag depends on your tank size. The larger the tank, the more significant the amount of ADA Power Sand is. So, just calculate the amount of spending you would be doing on this product alone.

All these reasons require the tank owners to look for cheap alternatives but provide the same benefits as ADA Power Sand.  

ADA Power Sand substitutes

Power Sand Advance

If not ADA power sand, then what other options do you have? Power Sand Advance is one of them. It is a balanced nutrient option for your aquatic plants, ensuring fast growth. Activated carbon and bamboo are present in this product and are specifically added to ensure the plant’s health.

You can get this sand just like the ADA Power Sand, from any aquatic shop or an online store. With the availability of three different sizes, you can easily manage the required quantity depending on the tank size.

Cheap DIY Substitute

If you are not satisfied with the substitutes of ADA Power Sand mentioned above and want some cheaper DIY options, this section covers a few such methods. But be ready to go the extra mile for finding these materials and using them for your aquatic tanks.

Lava rocks

Although most of the Power Sand brands usually have lava materials in them, they charge more for their own formula and nutrient mixing efforts. So, you can find the lava rocks and use them instead of ADA Power Sand, and they’ll work nearly the same way. The role that lava rocks play in the aquarium is to offer places for the bacteria to grow and get their food.

Hydroton LECA Balls

These clay pebbles and aggregates provide you with a nice texture for your layer underneath the aqua soil. You can even add it to the Lava rocks as both these products have a complimenting nature and can do miracles if you want to use them as a substitute for the ADA power sand or the other branded sand packets available on the market.

These DIY options provide the primary material you will have to add to the tank. You will have to utilize other chemicals to get the product considered the proper substitute of ADA Power Sand. These chemicals include Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear Super, etc.

One problem you might face with DIY Power Sand creation is that it might come over the substrate in a few days. So to avoid such a condition, you can bag the entire mixture and then place it at the bottom of the aquarium. We are sure it will give better results, or you can use some other creative ideas to solve this problem.

Summing up

ADA Power Sand is undoubtedly one of the essential products to maintain the aquarium’s ecosystem in the best possible way. But as the product is expensive and works only six months at most, you are rightly inclined to look for substitutes and DIY methods to ensure nutrients for your tank. We are sure that the options discussed in this article will provide you with similar benefits as that of ADA Power Sand.

If your aquarium is already used to the ADA products, it might require a bit of extra effort to go for the substitutes. Besides, the DIY options will require more effort from your side to get things done properly. If you are ready for additional responsibility, you should only go for such options.