Seachem Prime vs. API Stress Coat. Efficiency, Needed Amount, Price, And Reviews

Seachem Prime vs. API Stress Coat. Efficiency, Needed Amount, Price, And Reviews

A lot of discussion within the aquarium communities regarding the use of a water conditioner would have definitely made you think about using them. If you have already been using one of the products, then this new wave of discussion about the comparison of Seachem Prime and API Stress Coat would have made you challenge your product usage and the benefits you get as a result.

If that is the case, we are sure you’ll be confused about these water conditioners, their efficiency, usage quantities, and the other statistics. This is where we will help you by comparing all the important variables that can influence your decision. Specifically, in this article, we’ll cover:

  1. What is a water conditioner?
  2. What is Seachem Prime?
  3. What is API Stress Coat?
  4. Comparison between Seachem Prime and API Stress Coat
  5. Needed amount
  6. Price
  7. Efficiency
  8. Reviews
  9. Which of these is better?

So, keep reading and find which of these products perform well overall at the end of this discussion.

Let’s move step by step from understanding what these water conditioners are made for and how efficient they are when comparing with each other.

What is a water conditioner?

Irrespective of the brand names, water conditioners are the special salt-free agents added to the water to remove elements like chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), organic gasses, and lead.

The working phenomenon of these water conditioners depends upon two different methods. At a particular time, one of these processes is going in the water. Depending upon the specific brands, a few water conditioners can filter the unwanted compounds from the water as it passes through it while the others can change the chemical nature of minerals existing in the water.

Seachem Prime vs. API Stress Coat

Now that we have discussed the water conditioner and how it works, let’s look at the features and benefits that each of these brands expects to give.

Seachem Prime

Seachem Prime claims to remove chlorine and chloramine from your aquarium water, which ultimately lets your filtration system remove ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate as well. Being efficient for the fresh water and saltwater fish aquarium alike, Seachem Prime claims to enhance the water quality to provide a better environment to all fish types.

API Stress Coat

API Stress coat portrays itself to be more than a typical water conditioner. Apart from removing chlorine and chloramine, the API Stress coat can reduce the tissue and muscle damage for the fish by 40%. This product can even fix the electrolyte loss issues in your fish. In short, other than creating a good environment for your fish to live in, API Stress Coat can even help the fish recover from the damage they might already have faced.

So, according to their official description, both these products are super beneficial for your fish and aquarium, providing you with an optimal environment that you would like to keep your fish in. Let’s compare the major factors from the user’s point of view.

Comparison of Seachem Prime and API Stress Coat

Comparison of Seachem Prime and API Stress Coat

We have tried to include some of the essential metrics to help you find the best product for your tank.

Dosage or needed amount

To get the best results from Seachem Prime, 5 ml of the product must be added to 50 gallons of water. This ratio is for the replacement water only, not the entire water tank.

API Stress coat requires you to add 5 ml per 10 gallons of water, which is a lot more than the Seachem Prime.


When it comes to the price of both these products, you’ll see that a 500 ml bottle of Seachem Prime costs $19.99 whereas a 16 Fl. Oz. bottle (473 ml) of API Stress Coat costs $4. These rates are taken from Amazon, one of the biggest online marketplaces to shop for pet products.

Although the size of both these bottles differs, the API Stress Coat is a lot cheaper than the Seachem Prime. So, if you are making your decision specifically on the cost of the item, then you have a clear winner.

When doing a bit of math with these statistics, we can easily find that in $1, you’ll get 25.01 ml of Seachem Prime, whereas for API Stress Coat, in $1 you’ll get 118.25 ml of product. BUT! You need to pay attention to dosage and you’ll find out that the price for charging your aquarium with these two products will be just the same because you will need 5 times more API Stress Coat for the same fish tank than you will use Seachem Prime.


Seachem Prime is a concentrated mixture that can treat freshwater and saltwater perfectly well by treating the elements like chlorine and chloramine. Besides, it detoxifies ammonia, breaking into simpler compounds that the filtration system of your aquarium can drain out quickly. Moreover, it restores the natural slime coat rather than relying on the artificial layer.

When it comes to API Stress coat, you can expect to work more than just treating the tap water and reducing chlorine and other harmful components. Using this product can even reduce the stress level that your fish could be facing, thus helping them live a normal and stress-free life.

Comparing both products and their efficiency levels, the API Stress Coat can be of higher benefits when used in the water tanks in the recommended quantities.


Overall, both these products have positive reviews from the aquarium and fish lovers. Definitely, both these products have their fan base, which is brand-specific most of the time.

But the customers on Amazon have highlighted a few specific points for which they have bought these specific products. In this section, we’ll try to discuss these points and elaborate on why the customers prefer each of these products.

Prime Seachem Reviews

Seachem Prime is being considered as a water conditioner by fish lovers. Most people buying this product want it to treat the chlorine in the natural water supply. Usually, the customers of this product consider that the treatment of chlorine is essential for the health of your fish and other creatures in the aquarium. Even it is considered safe for the plants residing in your aquarium.

One of the other essential things you must consider while evaluating these reviews is that most of these consumers using Seachem Prime in their fish tanks had broad experience managing fish and aquariums. So, if such an enormously positive review comes from such customers, they really know what they are saying. You can put your confidence in this product and see what results it brings to your fish tank.

A negative consideration that a few Seachem Prime buyers highlighted was that their online purchase did not do them much good. Some of the customers even reported fatal damages. We would associate such reviews not with the product itself but with the delivery channel through which you purchase your item. Choosing the wrong delivery channel can spoil the entire product and be dangerous for your fish and other creatures.

API Stress Coat Reviews

The buyers of API Stress coat did not only want this product to remove chlorine from the water. Instead, it was a miracle product that could help the fish get away from the stress they could be facing due to one factor or another. Besides, if the fish are ill for some reason, the API Stress Coat can also help them recover from the particular disease.

Even in the case of API Stress Coat, most of the users have given a positive review and are satisfied with their purchase. A few of them highlighted that they don’t use API Stress Coat for treating chlorine; instead, they treat the higher stress levels and diseases in the fish, and it turns out that this product does wonders for them. While for the chlorine treatment, they use Seachem Prime. So, that means a few users consider both these products essential for your water treatment.

Which product is best: Seachem Prime or API Stress Coat?

Which product is best: Seachem Prime or API Stress Coat?

Prime Seachem and API Stress Coat are both helpful products for treating the water and keeping the chlorine and chloramine out of your fish tank. Overall, Seachem Prime would cost you a little more than the API Stress Coat. This analysis has been drawn in terms of the price of both these products, their usage, and the range of benefits that each of these products provides.

No matter what these products claim and how beneficial they are to the customers, a particular school of thought considers that adding chemicals to the fish tank is not recommended at all. It can add to the stress levels of the fish, and they might not cope with the chemical reactions in their surroundings. This can be disastrous for the fish and other animals living in the tank.

Now with all the information available to you, the decision about using the water conditioner or which product to use depends on you.