IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build: Ways To Make It Look Perfect

IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

There are a lot of options for aquarists looking to keep marine life close for research and aesthetic reasons. These choices range from the Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion packages 30L and 40L build and many more. The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L build has been regarded as a great fish tank with all its cool features. But you may be wondering, “Is there nothing more I can do in terms of modification to make my tank perfect?”

This article shows some insightful ways to make exciting modifications to your tank and take it up a notch of perfection!

At the end of this article, you will understand the usual features of the IM Nuvo Fusion 30L, how to set it up, exciting upgrade ideas that can make it more fantastic than it already is, and many other things.

The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

However, the Innovative Marine Fusion 30L is one of the most sought-after tanks for its many stunning features. It is preferred because it comes without the expense of the more extensive Nuvo SR series, even though it comes with a long and shallow system. The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L build gives aquarists the chance to create comprehensive scenery. It is a low-profile tank with a nice full-frontal view and a kind reed with drop-down viewing. 

It features a 30 Gallon Capacity tank, thick 8mm glass (high clarity), a rubber mat, flat polished, diamond edge polished, an aluminum-framed mesh screen lid.

Setting up your IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build is very easy

There are a few things you must note when setting up your IM Nuvo Fusion 30L.

Check for leaks

First, you need to check for leaks. It would be best to check outside, in the garage, or some other place where a possible leak will not cause damage to any of your property. Also, it would be best if you chose a level or flat surface area.

After choosing a good spot for the leak check, fill the aquarium. Slowly fill in the aquarium from the display portion of the tank and let the water naturally enter the overflow. After that, plug in your pumps and continue adding water until your water line reaches about 3cm under the baffle wall in the back of the aquarium. 

It would be best to check every 5-7 hours till the next day for leaks. If you detect any leaks, check with your dealer for warranties or return policies.

Find the best location

The second step is to pick the best indoor location for your aquarium because the IM Nuvo Fusion 30L are indoor appliances like many other Fusion series. The best spots are places that are neither exposed to direct sunlight nor temperatures below freezing point. Ensure that your aquarium is also not near a heater vent. Locations that are susceptible to direct sunlight, freezing point temperatures, and heater vents make it challenging to control your aquarium’s temperature and water condition. If you fail to choose the proper location, you risk losing your fish because of the wrong habitat parameters.

Setting up your Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 30L 

The third step is to set your aquarium on a level surface. This would prevent undue stress on the aquarium tank. It is not advisable to place your IM Nuvo fusion 30L on a coffee table or TV stand. If you must, test the strength of the stand to ensure that it has the strength to withstand the weight limit of your aquarium. 

Put the stand in place and ensure that your leveling mat has properly adhered to the bottom of your aquarium. Lift your IM Nuvo Fusion 30L onto the shelf with proper lifting technique. To do this, it would be best to lift it from the bottom with a hand placed underneath. If you attempt to lift it from the edges, you may stress the glass edges and seals and cause your aquarium to leak.

After successfully placing your aquarium in the stand, ensure it does not move from its position. If necessary, adjust the tank as much as possible on the frame till you think it is stable enough. 

Avoid the mistake of placing the aquarium too close to the wall. It would be best to put the aquarium 13-15 cm away from the wall. This will give you easy access to the back without any disturbance to the stability and flow of the aquarium whenever you need to reach the back.

Making it perfect

perfect IM Nuvo Fusion 30L Build

Discard the IM Nuvo Fusion 30L filter sock

The IM Nuvo fusion series, including the 30L and 40L, all come with a common problem: a filtration chamber that is grossly lacking in terms of the best filtration system in the market. The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L, like other Fusion series, comes with a very expensive filter sock. The filter sock comes with molded brackets around them, making them hard to clean. The implication of this disappointing filter sock is that it collects detritus which after a long time can lead to nitrate.

Although nitrate can be controlled in saltwater aquariums, when allowed to build up to high levels, it could adversely affect the health and well-being of your pet fish. It can also lead to algae bloom since marine plants and algae feed on nitrate. This could be hazardous to your pet fish and plants. It could also defeat the aesthetic view of your aquarium. 

Use InTank filtration Accessories

InTank filtration accessories include a media basket, accessory basket, and filter floss holders. The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L has two intake chambers, two accessory chambers, and a center pump chamber. The media basket is the focus because it forces water through the media and can collect the detritus on the top. To make your aquarium perfect, you have to install it into either of the intake chambers. It slides under the intake chamber’s piece, and water is again forced through the media basket. 

You can choose to use only one media basket on one side or two media baskets on both sides, but this depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Use an InTank Filter Floss Holder

If you think one media basket is enough, you can use an InTank Filter Floss holder. This protects your rear chambers from detritus, which can lead to nitrates if spared time. All you have to do is put a load of filter floss on top of it and put it under the intake channel piece. This will also save you money because you wouldn’t have to spend a lot on that stock sock filter that is too difficult to clean or change.

Another Option Is to Create a Refugium

This is a terrific option for any aquarist who wants additional filtration media in a different chamber. The InTank refugium basket has a finger hole for easy removal and placement. It installs easily into the left or right accessory chamber next to the media basket or the filter floss holders. The media basket has a removable slide door and a removable shelf which gives you the chance to create a refugium in the intake chambers. You can take out the middle shelf and put a Cato in it. You’ll need to put a bag of kami for your blue on the bottom or a bag of pure gin. Then you have to slide back onto the channels, install the media basket in the intake chambers and lead your best of filter floss. 

The good thing about the InTank media basket in The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L is that the front legs are shorter than the back. This makes the basket lean toward the false wall underneath the intake grate to capture more water better and filter the aquarium. 


One strongly recommended choice is the NanoBox Wide Quad-LED. This is guaranteed to match the 36 inches of your IM Nuvo Fusion 30L aquarium. It has a wider variety of colors with unique LED clusters in a rectangular arrangement for more expansive coverage of the wide reef tank.


Change the filter floss once or twice a week. Easily remove it and throw it away. Cut a new sheet and install the filter floss. You do not need to remove the media basket to remove the filter floss.

Changing your media basket will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendations of that media. The filter floss holders can stay in there until you’re ready to do some chamber maintenance. Also, drain out the rear chambers occasionally on a water change.


The IM Nuvo Fusion 30L gives you more room for captivating underwater scenery, a great clarity view, and impressive light penetration. 

Its pump gives the cleanest and clearest water. But a few modifications can be to take your Nuvo aquarium a notch or two higher. 

These modifications will save you from expensive repair and improve the health of your marine plants and animals. With these few tips, you’re guaranteed to get nothing but perfection.