Does Purigen Remove Algae? Good And Bad Features Of Purigen

Does Purigen Remove Algae?

Are you finding ways to reduce the organic waste from your tank? We are sure you must have come across Purigen as one of the viable solutions. Now, if you wonder if it is safe to add it to your aquarium with all your pets and a fully loaded tank, you can find a detailed answer to it here in this article.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

  • Use of Purigen to remove algae
  • Positives of Purigen
  • Negatives of Purigen

Purigen helps in algae removal

According to the experts, the use of Purigen has been found to reduce the algae in the aquarium successfully. Especially if you have excessive blue-green algae in the tank and you have not been able to find any other animal that can work in your cleaning crew, then Purigen can be the product to facilitate you.

However, you can get the most out of this product only if your algae is formed because of excessive organic compounds in the water. The higher amount of waste material in the tank is usually the cause of creating ammonia and nitrogen, thus polluting the tank and creating a lot of algae because of the excessive nutrients.

But if the extra waste is not a problem and you are managing it already with a strong filtration system, then the growth in the algae is because of the intense lighting in the aquarium. To reduce this alga, you’ll either have to scrub or hire a member of the cleaning crew. Also, the best and the easiest solution is to reduce the lighting, but if you cannot do so because of the other pets in the aquarium, you must use any of the options mentioned earlier. So, in such a situation, Purigen will not help.

This means that Purigen is not necessarily an anti-algae measure or product instead be related to organic waste. So, if this waste material is your problem, you can get some help from it. Otherwise, you will not see any results.

Good features of Purigen

If you are going to use Purigen for the first time, you must be skeptical about how Purigen works and what you should expect from it. This is why we are sharing a few positives of this product. It can help you build up realistic expectations and analyze if you really need one for your aquarium or not. So, let’s see:

Works with every filter

You don’t have to change your aquarium’s equipment because you want to use Purigen. It can adjust to all the internal, external, hump, and SOB filters. However, you must ensure that the flow of water must be high when the water passes through it. Also, you must set it as the last filter to let your water back in the tank. It will ensure that the other filters take out the primary waste materials before your water reaches Purigen, thus increasing its efficiency.

Starts working in 24 hours

If you are really waiting for your Purigen to work, you can see the results within 24 hours. Just rinse it with water once and place it in your filter. Once the water starts passing through it, it will start working, and results can be observed within 24 hours. However, you should not expect to clean the entire tank in 24 hours. For that, it will take some more time.

Best for driftwood freshwater tank

You can use Purigen in your driftwood freshwater aquariums. The substances released from driftwood in the water can make it impure for the fish. So using Purigen can help keep the water free from any color that driftwood will more likely release into the water.


You can reuse the Purigen multiple times after washing. This makes the product friendly for your aquarium and your pocket alike. With multiple usages, you can definitely divide its cost over the months and see how economical it is for you.

With constant use, your Purigen can get black or brown, so it will automatically indicate when it is no longer working with its total capacity. At this point, you can wash it with chlorine, and it will turn back into its original white color, ready to absorb more waste from your aquarium.

It does not impact the minerals

One of the other benefits that Purigen provides is that it removes the waste material only. So, the amount of ammonia and nitrates in your tank can lower as a result, but you should not worry about mineral depletion like iron from the tank. Thus, your liquid fertilizers and other products that you are using to improve your tank will not be affected. It means that your plants in the aquarium can continue growing as usual even when using Purigen.

Let you keep the water changes infrequent

As the Purigen removes the organic wastes from the water, the changes in the water quality of your aquarium are not abrupt. The cloudiness in the water because of debris and other such material is limited, so you don’t have to go for aggressive water changes to maintain an optimal life for your fish and plants. Infrequent water changes and lower change percentages will do the trick. However, every tank is different, and you have to set the water-changing cycles according to your routine. But with Purigen in it, you can take longer breaks.

It can help you in dealing with algae

It can help you in dealing with algae

As discussed in the section above, the algae in your tank can be because of the extra organic wastes. So, when Purigen removes these wastes, the existence of algae will reduce significantly. So, consider it one of the positives of this fantastic product.

No need for Siphoning

If you have been used to siphoning poop after every other day to keep your tank clean, then using Purigen can free up the time you have been spending on it. When your Purigen takes out the organic waste, why would you spend any time on this activity, right?

Lesser stress for fish

If you don’t use Purigen, one of the options you have is to do regular and massive water changes. But going for excessive water changes can be stressful for the fish. So, can you let your fish stay in the dirty water? The resolution of the dilemma is in the form of including Purigen in your aquarium.

Cons of Purigen

Like every other product, Purigen has a few cons too. Let’s have a look at them.

You’ll have to regenerate it

Although you can consider it an advantage when it comes to your pocket, you’ll have to spend some time getting your Purigen ready for the work again. It is not an automatic process, and you’ll have to invest your effort and time into it.

Smells bad

Once your Purigen is full of organic waste, you can’t expect it to smell good. It gets even worse once regenerated because the chlorine smell combines with the smell of the waste, and it can literally be a disaster. But you’ll get used to it soon if you start using it.

Can release toxins once regenerated

Usually, bleach, chlorine, or other water conditioners are used to regenerate Purigen. But once it is done, you can expect Purigen to release this chemical into the water at least for some time. However, there is a solution, and you can put the regenerated Purigen for water for a few hours. So, the chemical impact of the regeneration is nulled before you get it back in your tank.

Summing Up

Purigen is a wondrous product that can reduce the algae caused by excessive organic waste in the tank. So, if the waste material in the tank is your problem, Purigen can indeed resolve it for you. You can definitely get the most out of this product with its multiple benefits.