Top Lids Aquarium Protection: Does It Actually Work Well?

There are many brands of aquarium lids on the market. Many other brands only sell DIY kits to make your aquarium lid. But while DIY cuts and modifications may do the job, they have several defects that make them pale compared to the lids manufactured by Top Lids.

Apart from the aesthetics of the finished cuts and many other cool features, do aquarium lids from Top Lids actually work?

This article discusses in detail some features of Top Lids aquarium covers and reasons why they work better than the numerous alternatives on the market.

Read on to find out.

Top Lids Aquarium Protection

Top Lids is a modern aquarium lid manufacturer specializing in the production of custom-made fit-to-size aquarium lids. Some of the functions of the brand’s aquarium lids include the following:

  • Top lids prevent your pet from jumping out of the tank. This is especially important if you keep fish that are notorious for jumping out of the tank, like comet goldfish, killifish, firefish, and even koi fish.
  • The lid also prevents your aquarium water from getting contaminated by items that fall into the aquarium. It also keeps your cats, dogs, and other curious pets from tampering with your aquarium’s decorations and other fittings.
  • Apart from the above, it prevents humidity in the room as it reduces the tank’s evaporation rate. The lid also reduces evaporation. It keeps your aquarium water from evaporating because it seals the aquarium.
  • More importantly, the top lid aquarium also helps you barricade the light fixture from the water, which is especially important for safety and cleanliness.

Does Top Lids Product Actually Work?

Yes, it does. Top Lids has many great features, but versatility is the most essential for the fish-keeping hobby. Top Lid is the manufacturer to go to if you want the perfect design for an aquarium lid. They take all considerations into account to build an aquarium lid that answers the specific needs of your aquarium and the fish you keep.

For instance, when you think about aquarium lids, the focus is usually on glass lids, acrylic lids, or maybe a DIY option. But most of the time, hobbyists go for glass lids. Glass lids work great for many manufactured tanks that come with a center brace or are specifically designed for glass lids.

But what if you are using a rimless aquarium? Or an aquarium where there is no bracing for the lid?

Top Lids has several state-of-the-art designs for tanks like these and many other custom-made designs that may not work well with other universal lids. This is one of the reasons Top Lids stands out.

Essential Features of Top Lids

Check out some of the essential features of aquarium covers from Top Lids that make their lids different:

1) Porosity

One of the great things about Top Lids is its incredible construction designs. Their lids come in with a state-of-the-art design that caters to the specific needs of every aquarium. Interestingly, the lids are manufactured as full acrylic lids but are designed in a mesh form. The lids are designed to be rigid and clear but also have several pores like a mesh.

This design makes the lid clear like glass tops and offers an added advantage. The added advantage is that the lid does not prevent your aquarium lights from reaching the biodiversity in your tank. This is significant because although glass may be transparent, there is still some form of obstruction. After all, the light is only reflected.

However, with Top Lids, this obstruction is removed. The light penetrates and reaches every life in your aquarium as it would in your fish’s natural habitat.

That is one of the benefits of this phenomenal design from Top Lids.

2) Customizability

Another great feature of Top Lids is that there are hardly any uniform lids. Each lid can be customized to the specific requirements of your aquarium.

If, for instance, you use a nano-size tank or a small tank like a custom aqua top tank, you can still get awesome branding for your lid and as much feeding port as you need. Your feeding port can be designed at the center top of the aquarium or at the end of the aquarium where you wish it to be.

Imagine how frustrating it would be to take off your lid whenever you wanted to feed your fish, especially if you run multiple fish tanks simultaneously!

Although some hobbyists have experimented with feeding through the pores of the aquarium lid, they have always opined that the pores only work if you feed very fine pellets. But they also pointed out that even if you use very fine pellets, they would still make a mess. So perhaps, it would be best to stick to feeding through the port.

Another thing about the feeding port is its useful design. You can easily grab it, remove it and set it back whenever you want to feed your fish. If you would like to feed them simultaneously, especially with a community tank, you can have two or three ports to evenly distribute the food to all your fish.

Also, if you want a port for an auto-feeder, you can make the point so that it is designed for you. Whatever you need the set up to be can be easily designed into it.

Some tanks are set up so that you can clip the lights down the tank, especially when your filtration system is internal. This makes cutting out that space from your lid to accommodate the clips difficult when using a glass lid. But Top Lids allows you to achieve this customization and many more. You can also cut out a space to mount your light!

Usually, they send you a specific measurement sheet to measure the tank and add other useful information that may be critical to building exactly what your tank needs. So even though you use a rimless tank, you can still get a lid that fits perfectly as if it belonged there.

They also have lids that have moonlight on them, illuminating the tank if you want to. They can also modify it to have additional lighting. The customizable options that you can do are endless. The lids are so clean-cut and well done.

It is also important to note that Top Lids has a lid for almost all kinds of tanks. They have designs for tanks per type. It is also important to note that not all the lids are acrylic. Some are polycarbonate lids specifically made to fit your tank.


These lids are cut out of acrylic, but the way they do it is special. They usually have your lid cut out with a Computer Numerical Control machine which does a pretty precise job at cutting exactly what needs to be cut. The great thing about this process is that there is no actual breaking point on the lid because it is a whole mass, but with some specifically cut portions.

Although the biggest competition to using Top Lids aquarium cover for protection is DIY lids, whether you buy your DIY kits to build your lid or even choose to do a mesh design on your aquarium lid, the question to ask yourself is whether your DIY will compare to the Top Lids products which are better cut with a specific machine.

Also, if you run a larger tank, a frame tank, or any other kind of special tank, you can leave all that intricate designing for Top Lids as they have all the machines and expertise to design the right kind of lid for your aquarium.

They can manufacture any kind of lid you want.

Pricing for Top Lids Aquarium Protection

Another angle to look at the practicality of using Top Lids is in the pricing. Comparing Top Lids prices to the cost of DIY aquarium lids proves that Top Lids is the way to go. You get value for your money, a lid that does the job and lasts longer.

The prices range from as low as $45 to as high as $455, depending on several factors, such as the tank size and other customizations that must be done on the lid. The difference here is that the polycarbonate and acrylic lids are perfectly cut to fit and do not have any of the marks of a DIY job. It is neat. The polycarbonate does not break halfway or warp after a few months, especially for large tanks.

Bottom Line

When comparing the lids from Top Lids against other lids such as DIYs, there is a clear difference in how versatile the lids from Top Lids are, how effective the designs of Top Lids are, and the range of customizability.

Although the prices of aquarium covers from Top Lids may seem a little too high, considering the added features, some features make them practical.

These features include the inbuilt lights in some of the lids, the cut-out spaces for filters and hangers, and the well-cut custom-made feeder ports.